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    Who are we?

    Producr.com is your complete production solution. We produce what you want, when you want it.

    We offer a multitude of services including Production, Ghost Production, Collaborations, Mixdown + Mastering and Remixing.

    Producr.com specialises in all facets of music production. Our team comprises successful artists, creators, audio engineers and advisors with recording industry experience.

    We are based in Australia, however our team has had international success and exposure on a world class scale. This includes releases on major labels as well as successful live performances.

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    Why should you choose Producr.com?

    One of the primary aspects of Producr.com is our notable creative flair – infusing elements of multiple genres into one sound – as we intend to create tracks that lead, not follow. We truly focus on the individual artist and their needs. Help us to help you develop yourself as an artist and establish your sound.

    Our producers are not merely experienced engineers; they are also artists with international acclaim who are identified by their unique and fresh ‘sound.’ This reinforces world class quality as our producers have successful track records with BIG releases on BIG labels with a BIG impact.

    Additionally, once you have purchased a service, you will be granted all rights and complete ownership of the track.

    See our ‘Industry Releases’ section for examples.

    Master Producer/Engineer: Alexander Wakim

    Our Founder and Master Producer, Alexander Wakim, has had releases on world renowned labels such as Bred n’ Butter (Trap City), Bourne Records, Elysian Records and Blutonium Records, generating tracks with millions of views on YouTube / SoundCloud / Spotify.

    He has been featured on Dutch national TV/Radio (3FM), warmed up for some of the biggest acts in the world such as Frontliner and headlined many live shows around Australia. This industry exposure under a multitude of different aliases gives him a wealth of cross-genre experience.

    Why we are the right choice for you

    At Producr.com, there are no limitations. Our producers are capable of creating ANY genre you desire. We have members on our team who are not only proficient in creating electronic music, but also have acoustic and classical instrumental backgrounds.

    This diversity within our team ensures a technical, yet harmonic track.
    We don’t just produce tracks, we create music.

    Our team is friendly and willing to help with an artistic plan, release schedule, promotion plan and more; to assist newer artists in establishing themselves within the industry (subject to consultation fee – enquire within).


    We want to make quality music readily available. We strive to add musical value to the industry by providing a high quality product at a reasonable price. Despite the fact we are producing a track for you, this is a reflection of our quality and Producr.com as a brand.

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