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    What is our ‘Collaboration’ service?

    ‘Collaboration’ is a unique service offered by

    What does this mean? We will take a project you’ve already begun and work together to bring it to a professional standard, injecting life into it. This can be seen as an ‘assisted production’ which differs from a standard ‘ghost production’, as we are using your original idea as the foundation of the track.

    You will receive specific knowledge of the techniques and elements used throughout the project, including the leads, patches, plugins and more.

    Why choose ‘Collaboration’?

    Collaborating with us may be more suitable as you will retain a higher degree of creative control and direct input into each section of the track.

    Additionally, learning from a seasoned veteran will rapidly enhance your own production skills. We help you to expand upon your idea, while simultaneously developing you as a producer.

    The ‘Collaboration’ experience

    There is a crucial focus on communication between you and our team, where we involve you throughout 100% of the creative process.

    Communication will be facilitated via Skype, WhatsApp or e-mail – any medium which suits you most.

    Our producers have released many tracks over the years, and one of our unique specialties is fusing different elements of genres to birth truly fresh sounding music.

    We work together to the point of perfection to ensure your satisfaction with the outcome. Our producers have extensive experience collaborating with established artists and we look forward to working with you!

    Ordering process

    You will be asked to provide some basic information about your current idea and send the WAV stems + MIDI for your project (WeTransfer / Dropbox etc.)


    The price of the collaboration is dependent on the project requirements and how much work is necessary to bring the track to world class quality. This will be agreed upon between both parties prior to commencement. Generally, prices will range between $200-400 USD.

    * All rights to the track are transferred to you upon purchase