Mixdown & Mastering

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    Why mix and master?

    Mixing and mastering is one of the most important steps to ensure your track has the correct dynamics to become a dance floor banger or a radio hit. This defines the difference between an amateur and a professional track.

    How can mixing and mastering enhance your track?

    Mixing/mastering balances all sounds on the spectrum, allowing cohesion between the elements of your track. There are many benefits to this service, such as removal of resonant frequencies (harsh/unwanted frequencies) to allow for a cleaner sound.

    Additionally, the balancing of bass, mid and treble levels will amplify the drive and clarity of your track in accordance with the required genre.

    For example, club/EDM music is more bass heavy while the mid/treble levels are more prominent in Pop music. To add, the mastering of your track will enhance its suitability for listening on all systems and speakers.

    The Producr.com mixdown/mastering experience

    Our studio is comprised of state of the art mixing technology, leading software plugins and most importantly, producers with over 10 years of experience within music production, mixing and mastering. Our producers have highly trained ears and are able to distinguish and identify even the most subtle frequencies which may cause clutter within the track.

    Additionally, our producers are formally trained in the area of Audio Engineering, leading to ultra clean, loud and crisp final products.

    Unlike most Mixdown services, we process each and every stem to perfection to gel each element harmoniously within the mix.
    Some might say we’re a little obsessive… but we just call it attention to detail!

    Ordering process

    You will be asked to fill out the order form which will request your WAV stems and basic information about the desired outcome of your track.


    Mixdown + Mastering = $125 USD
    Mastering = $50 USD