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    What is Remixing?

    We offer a ‘Remix’ service where excerpts are taken from published tracks, such as vocals or instrumentals. We then transpose your chosen elements into any genre/style of your choice.

    Disclaimer: Remixes cannot be sold/released for commercial use. However, they are a great addition to your artist portfolio or for release on your social media platform for example. To add, these are highly suitable to incorporate within Live sets for a truly memorable listening experience. This differs from an official remix, where permission is granted from the copyright owner.

    A remix

    At we like to push the boundaries.
    Our producers have a wealth of experience in remixing multiple genres, so we can adapt your desired remix into any style which fits your creative vision. We can take an old sound and make it new and fresh, or we can make a soft sound hard, a hard sound soft and vice versa.

    If you want Frank Sinatra with a heavy bass-line… you’ve got it!

    The remix experience

    We take your input, direction and inspiration and apply it towards creating your perfect remix. We communicate and update you regularly as we believe in incorporating your ideas and thoughts throughout the process of the project.

    Your satisfaction with the end result is extremely important to us. At the end of the day, we will produce a quality remix for you but we also focus on exceptional customer service.

    Ordering process

    Firstly, the acapella must be available online of at least reasonable quality (if a vocal is required). An order sheet must be filled out describing the creative direction and idea for the remix, along with any inspirations / reference tracks that you would like the project to sound like.

    If no references are listed, you can define the broader idea, e.g. a certain stylistic direction or even hybrid genres such as a fusion between Chill-out + Trap.


    Remix $375 USD
    * All rights to the track are transferred to you upon purchase